Do Good Will Feed Body, Soul in Osgood

Matt Hibner and Cindy Pottkotter of Garmann Miller, Karen Homan, lead of Do Good Restaurant and Ministries and Matt Quinter of Baumer Construction turn over the first four shovels of dirt at the site of the Osgood restaurant which will also host a ministry.
Staff Writer

The Do Good Restaurant and Ministry will feed both the body and the soul.

Karen Homan, the owner of the new venture that is expected to be completed in eight to nine months, along with a pair of Minster-based firms involved in the construction, broke ground on the upcoming restaurant and ministry last Wednesday.

In what had become empty lot along 705 in Mercer County near Winner’s and Betty’s Natural Foods where most recently the Silver Spur Saloon stood, Homan hopes to build a ministry.

“Do Good will serve American cuisine using as many whole foods as possible,” Homan said at the groundbreaking. “It will feature comfort foods and delicious deserts.”

Homan has a chef lined up and has worked as a short-order cook in the past.

Do Good will be so much more than a place to eat, however. Ministries will be housed in the basement and will be free to the public. Proceeds from the restaurant will go towards funding the ministries.

“But the real mission of Do Good is to feed the body, mind and soul, to spread the love and the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and to assist in helping our fellow man,” Homan said.

Construction should take eight to nine months and Homan is aiming for a late spring or early summer 2019 opening date.

Homan thanked Osgood Mayor Steve Winner and the town for their help in planning the project along with two Minster firms involved in the project.

Garmann Miller and Baumer Construction said working on this project goes beyond business as usual.

“On behalf of Garmann Miller we really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this project,” Matt Hibner, a board member of Garmann Miller said. “It’s an exciting time to be a part of something like this. This is so much more than just a working profession. It’s really an honor to be a part of this project…We’re excited to see what God has in store for this vision.”

Hibner recognized Cindy Pottkotter for her work on the Do Good project. “She really took the vision from Karen and really transformed that alongside Baumer Construction,” Hibner said.

The two-story facitiy, which in the drawing was a white building with stone facing near for the first several feet at the bottom of the building along with a front portico at the entrance.

Matt Quinter of Baumer Construction echoed those sentiments. “We got started with Karen on this about a year ago or so and it’s kind’ve developed over time as a partnership between Karen, Garmann and Miller and us,” Quinter said. “I’m thankful for Karen and all she’s done as well as Matt and Cindy. Everything came together well. We’re excited to get started and today’s the day. We’ve run into things we’ve had to work through and it’s taken that to get where we are today. We’re excited to get started.”

Rev. Charles Mullen from the St. Charles Living Center blessed the ground and the project before hardhats were donned and the first shovels of dirt were upturned at the Main Street location.