Golf Ball Causes Issue in Centrifuge

Staff Writer

In this case of a golf ball finding the water, the ball turned out to be the hazard.

Minster’s sludge-processing centrifuge at the wastewater treatment plant recently experienced problems several weeks ago, Minster Village Administrator Don Harrod said.

The issue? A golf ball plugging an inlet that lets in the sludge.

“Once the golf ball was removed, the centrifuge began to function normally,” Harrod said.

Harrod said it’s the first time the village has found a golf ball in the centrifuge, but that’s it’s a possibility given the proximity to the golf course.

Some golfers try to hit the ball into the sludge holding tank, which is across the road from the course.

“If they succeed — which many do — it has the ability to get pumped into the centrifuge, which in this case did happen and could happen again,” Harrod said.

In other wastewater treatment related work, staff removed an old chain link fence on the west end of the plant. A new fence will be installed soon.