Grieshop Authors Book About Addiction in Family, Will Launch Book In Fort Loramie

Bob Blindauer
Staff Writer

Drugs. Opioid addiction. Adoption. Death.

People are dying every day in Ohio from drug overdoses. There are statistics about the number of addicts who die, but not about the number of children who go to live with grandparents or other family members following the death of their parent(s). There is no way to measure the shame, pain and grief these families experience while the addict is using drugs or after their death.

It’s not just the addict who suffers, it’s the entire family – for generations. One mother of an addict tells her love story.

Nancy Grieshop, a graduate of Marion Local High School, has written a new book which will be available to the public in November.  “Destination . . . Sanity”  is based on her life. She brings to light the strength she gained growing up in a family of faith. Strength which she will draw on to get through challenges she couldn’t even imagine as she was growing up on a farm.

 “Destination . . .  Sanity”  is a book about the devastation of drug addiction on an unsuspecting family. As in any family, there is humor around the corner of nearly every crisis. And, when we permit it, joy eventually permeates the pain.

This book will have you crying and laughing, alternately, and at times simultaneously. Every day in the life of this family is a new day of challenges. Challenges that bring about despair, laughter, and hope.

The unconditional love of the mother for her children and grandchildren helps stabilize the emotional roller coaster ride this family finds itself living. It is pertinent and timely in that it addresses the current opioid epidemic. You will feel like you are there with her as she tells her story. As you read it, you will get a better idea of what a family has experienced when one of them becomes an addict.

Nancy Grieshop lives near Dayton. Her humble beginnings as the youngest in a large family in northern Darke County didn’t prepare her for the tumultuous life she would live as her son became a drug addict. She had no blueprint to follow as she muddled through one horrifying challenge after another. Yet she was able to draw on the strength of family, friends, and her faith to get her through some impossibly difficult situations.

Nancy writes with amazing clarity of her life circumstances. Her sense of humor flows through the trail of tears left in the wake of addiction. Her desire is to lend hope, and strength to others who are dealing with addiction themselves, have an addict in the family or who work with addicts.

On Saturday, November 10, Nancy Grieshop hosts the launch of “Destination . . . Sanity,” which she wrote to bring to light on the turmoil a family endures as they witness one of their own become addicted to drugs. From 10 a.m. until noon Nancy will be at the Fort Loramie Library to discuss her book and be available for questions. Her book is available for pre-sale at