Houseworth: Powerlifting Champ Next Door

MINSTER — After long hours of training in the gym, lifting pounds after pounds, Minster Police Chief Randy Houseworth set a world record at the World Powerlifting Congress World Powerlifting Championships on Nov. 6.
The hard work has paid off for Houseworth after setting a world record at the Cam-Am Border Wars Tournament in Detroit in July before qualifying for the championships.
“I was able to set a Raw record in my age and weight category,” Houseworth said.” It was 451 pounds at that time. You have to be entered in a qualifying competition, which the Cam-Am championships were, and that was a sanctioned meet, a WPC. Setting a world record qualified me to compete in Las Vegas. I got an invitation from the WPC to compete in the world championships about a week later.”
In Las Vegas at the WPC Championships, there were more than 700 lifters from about 31 countries, Houseworth noted. He competed in the Raw lift bench press class and each lifter competed based on a category of things.
“There are different categories based on your age, weight and what type of equipment you use,” he said.
“Right now, I lift what is called a Raw lifter. What I wear at the gym — my T-shirt my wrist wraps and a weight belt is what I wear to compete in. I strictly bench press.”
Houseworth broke his own record and set a new world record at the World Powerlifting Congress World Powerlifting Championships, lifting 462 pounds.
“I broke my existing world record in Las Vegas,” Houseworth said.
“The old record before I got to Vegas was 390 pounds and that was set by a man down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So, I beat that on my first attempt up in Detroit when I benched 407 (pounds). Then, when I did my second lift of 451 (pounds) and got that then I missed my third attempt. My goal was to beat my existing world record — so I did that with a 462 at Vegas.”
Houseworth admits to chocking on his first attempt at the championships, hoping to break 500 pounds.
“I think I chocked on my first attempt,” he admits.
“I wanted my opener to be 462 and I wanted to go up to 480 or somewhere around that and then eventually go for 500. That was my goal to break through the 500 barrier wall in a competition.”
Houseworth said he started powerlifting in high school and his first powerlifting competition was in 1975.
“It was a small local meet held in Lima,” he said.
“I started doing power lifting after I graduated from high school. I train here locally at our local YMCA here in Minster. I train two days a week there. One day a week, usually Sunday mornings, I travel to Celina and train at a gym, Musclehead’s Gym. Me and my training partner, Mike Wolf, from Celina.”
Houseworth said he enjoyed the championships and got to meet a lot of lifters from overseas that he met on Facebook.
“I got to meet a lot of great lifters,” Houseworth said. “It was neat to interact with those people that I spoke to on Facebook and then I got to meet them face-to-face.”
His family also got to watch him compete in Las Vegas live on the Internet.
“It was live screened on the Internet,” Houseworth said.
“My children and grandchildren actually got to watch the competition. That was really cool because they got to watch it live.”
Houseworth, 57, said he hopes to compete again in the near future.
“I am going to continue to try to compete as long as my body is willing to hold up and no major injuries crop up; I will probably compete again,” Houseworth said.
“Hopefully at a national or world level. I am 57 years old, so the opportunities at my age to compete at a world level competition are few and far between. I was very excited about the opportunity to compete.”