Life Riders Cruise Back Into Minster

Staff Writer

MINSTER — For the fifth year in a row, members of the local community extended their hand as well as heart in support of the pro-life movement, offering aid to the Dayton Right to Life Ride for Life riders.

This past Saturday morning, some 25 riders from Dayton Right to Life’s Ride for Life started out from the University of Notre Dame on their journey back to the University of Dayton – a four-day 178-mile trek on their bicycles – a circuit which brought them to Minster High School before the final leg of their journey. Along the way they have been joined by other riders for parts of their journey.

With a third day of riding behind, they again used Minster as a rallying point for their ability to continue their journey. They rested for the night at Minster High School, enjoying a relaxing evening of a meal, fellowship and an overnight stay in the Minster H.S. cafeteria – before taking to the road again after an early Tuesday morning breakfast and Mass before embarking on the leg which would take them back to Dayton. One of their own, Father Shawn Landenwitch, pastor of Mary of the Woods and St. Patrick parishes in Logan County, celebrated the Mass for his fellow riders.

In this fifth year of the riders coming through Minster, they were again welcomed by the Minster-New Bremen Right to Life group. Once again the riders offered their thanks to the local Right to Life people for their support. “We love Minster. When it comes to life, Minster gets it,” Paul Coudron, director of Dayton Right to Life once again stated. “This Minster-New Bremen Right to Life group does an outstanding job year-in and year-out.”

Marlene Rutschilling and other members who are part of the local Minster-New Bremen Right to Life chapter helped again to make the Life riders sojourn comfortable. The riders spent the night in Minster and were provided access to the high school, swimming pool and St. Augustine.

Their cycling calls attention to their mission to promote life in all its stages. They speak calmly and are focused onwhat they can do to raise awareness and money to help the pro-life cause. They are passionate in their beliefs and compassionate in expressing how cherished life is in all its human stages. “All life should be equally valued, in my humble opinion,” stated Paul Coudron. Their choice to ride bicycles is their means for using something they enjoy doing for something much bigger than just the enjoyment. Something they can use to help make a difference.

“Ride for Life for Right to Life” came to Coudron one restless night in a eureka moment. “I think we’ll do that.” The rest he said was “history.” The idea then expanded to trying to connect with other right to life groups across the country. For this area, the idea was to connect Dayton to Notre Dame.

He states how being involved in the organization has changed his life, “It helped me with my faith and my resolution to become more other-oriented.”

The money raised and awareness  created goes for the Dayton Right to Life and Life Resource Center. While the group supports the right to life, they also use money to aid the mentally handicapped and the disabled.