Minster Graduates 64 on Sunday

Brian Smith
Staff Writer

There’s not much the Minster Class of 2018 didn’t accomplish in the classroom and on the field of play. The student leadership and administrators at Sunday’s graduation encouraged the 64 newly-minted Wildcat grads to take that talent, work ethic and optimism out into the wider world.

A class that will send students out to 24 different colleges with 32 different majors , earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and won three state athletics championships just this year graduated from Minster High School inside the elementary gymnasium on a sunny, hot Sunday.

Minster High School principal, Dr. Jason Spencer, welcomed the large gathering and read from a bit of advice he read from John Maxwell: “Make choices that will add value to talent ... The Class of 2018 is talented. Now add value to your talent.”

Salutatorian Maya Watercutter said she made a list of all the things she could remember from the last 12 years, things that made her “laugh until my side hurt and smile until my cheeks cramped.”

“All of us have big dreams and we’ve prepared each other to chase them,” Watercutter said.

“I hope to come back to our reunion and meet a room full of doctors, nurses, engineers, journalists, machinists and everything else we’ve all aspired to,” Watercutter said.

Valedictorian Erin Keller said  “It’s a little strange to see us all in caps and gowns, but I guess that’s better than ripped jeans,” drawing a laugh from the crowd.

“I’m incredibly proud of our class,” Keller said. “We’ve never been one to aim low, which is why we’ve had such a productive year; Strong academics, three state championships so far, a state band competition, a successful prom... which has made for a fun and unforgettable senior year.”

“Life belongs to those who continue to seek happiness and success every day,” Keller said.

Minster superintendent Brenda Boeke recalled the Class of 2018 presenting  the school play “Nuts” and its message of the seasons of life.  “The message was that all nuts fall from the tree, are nurtured by the sun and rain, grow into trees, produce nuts that fall once again and the circle of life starts all over,” Boeke said.

She quoted members of the class who made  a video for class with life messages.

Boeke encouraged the graduates to go out into the world and learn the best ways to serve their communities and return with those ideas. “Always keep your hometown values with you,” Boeke said.

Longtime counselor Kim Seaver, who was still serving the students of Minster during graduation at one of the doors by telling helping soon-to-be grads when to enter the gymnasium, was honored with a standing ovation after more than four decades of service at Minster  High School.

Senior Jared Heitkamp received the Larry Ray Award, which honors a student who overcame obstacles to get to this point.

Scholarships given out by the Minster Scholarship Foundation were announced by Bruce Thobe, who said 51 students received scholarships totalling more than $100,000. The foundation has given out more than $1.7 million in scholarships to Minster students since 1974.