Plans for Adaptive Kayak, Boating Launch on Lake Loramie in the Works

Staff Writer

Being able to enjoy a beautiful day on the lake is a realistic dream shared by most — young and old alike. Minster’s Leon and Susan Mertz think it’s time to make that dream  a reality for just about everyone  who can get out to Lake Loramie. They, along with the Lake Loramie Improvement Association, want to make boating on the lake accessible to handicapped people.

The Mertzes love to geet in their kayaks and cruise the lake. They think it’s possible to help anyone who wants to get in a boat be capable of enjoying a day in a boat on the lake. They have done their homework to see what’s available to help the disabled get into a boat.

“This idea is an Adaptive launch," the Mertzes said. "The launch is designed to give disabled, elderly, or beginner kayak/canoe users the ability to easily and safely get in and out of a boat by themselves, depending on the severity of the disability.

The launch is to be installed between the campgrounds and the beach area accessible to adaptive restroom facilties and paved parking, walkways, near the camp store and Lake Loramie Nature Center and Museum, and three accessible wooden cabins available for renting during camping season.

The Mertzes hope to be able to install the launch in June or July between the campgrounds and the beach, just off state Route 362.

“We have also asked BoardSafe to design a gang ramp for boarding a pontoon boat. The project that we are presenting is projected to cost around $70,000 to $80,000. This will include purchase of the launch, concrete and site work, recognition and signage, maintenance fund and the purchase of Adaptive equipment.”

Now they seek business donations to help fund the project. Their goal is to have enough of the money to install the launch system this boating season. With assistance from the Lake Loramie Improvement Association, a 501.3c organization, businesses that donate will be able to deduct the amount donated from their taxes.

For more information and ongoing progress please go to Lake Loramie & lake Loramie Improvement Association on Facebook, and or, If you have any question, please call Leon at (937) 726-1414.