Projects Around Minster Moving Along

Staff Writer

The projects around Minster are moving along, Minster village administrator Don Harrod reported this week.

Most of the concrete work on the Fifth Street project is completed, Harrod reported.

“Beaverdam Contracting will begin final grading of the streets for paving,” Harrod said. “Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and the pavement plants will open within the next week or so, so that paving can begin.”

Village electrical crews ordered street lights for the Fifth Street project, as well. Street lights are planned for intersections, but not the street, itself, Harrod reported.

Village crews also continue work on the industrial park property on the south end of the village. Sewer line installation and the preparation for curb and gutter will begin soon.

“It is Dan (Paulus)’s  hope to have the curb and gutter installed within the next couple of weeks and move right into at least getting the base coat of asphalt on,” Harrod said.

The village contacted Buehler Asphalt about paving around Minster where the village has patched water line leaks and done other work.

“They have indicated that we are at the top of the list once asphalt plants open up,” Harrod said.

And finally, there was a water leak in Minster last weekend at the intersection of Cleveland and Fifth Street. experienced a water leak over the weekend.  A line developed a hole of about three inches in the bottom of the pipe. Crews removed a section of the pipe and replaced it.