The Chickasaw Fire Department

Nearly 30 people shaved their heads on Friday in order to raise money for childhood cancer research.

The Chickasaw Fire Department was host to an event Friday night where people shaved their heads in order to raise money for childhood cancer research, all done for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

The event has been going on for about 21 years now, with Audrey Subler being proud of the money they’ve raised so far over the years. In total, she and the other organizers have raised around $100,000 for the foundation, having a varying amount of people coming each year.

“We shaved 29 heads, raised about $14,000,” Subler said as being their main haul for that night. They still have more donations coming in as well that’ll help raise this number in the near future, which is something Subler is very thankful for.

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