Pictured is a mockup of what proposed memorial additions would look like at the veterans memorial located at Minster Machine Centennial Park. 

MINSTER — Tuesday’s council meeting was cut short due to a lack of a quorum as three council members were absent because of sickness, but those in attendance were able to take in a presentation from two veterans about upgrades to a veteran’s memorial in the village.

Jim Hartings, a veteran of the Vietnam War, and fellow veteran Bill Meiring, outlined the project on Tuesday. 

Hartings said he wants to place granite blocks on existing monuments at Minster Machine Centennial Park. 

The blocks would have information regarding the fallen soldiers. 

The proposed additions to the memorial would honor Minster veterans who died serving: 

• Pfc. William Thieman Jr., who served in World War II and was wounded in Germany, and died on Dec. 14, 1944 in Belgium. 

• Cpl. Vernon J. Seger, who served in the Army during the Vietnam War. He and nine others were killed on Oct. 24, 1969, when they came under enemy grenade and small arms fire. 

• Sgt. Anthony Knapke, a veteran who served in World War II and the Korean War. Knapke was taken prisoner on July 16, 1950, and was forced to march to North Korea on what was called the “Tiger Death March.” He was killed on Nov. 4, 1950 and his remains were never recovered.

• Walter J. Schulte, a World War I veteran, was assigned to the American Army of Occupation after the war ended on Nov. 1, 1918 and died of pneumonia on Feb. 17, 1919. 

Read the full story in the Jan. 18 edition of The Community Post.

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