AGAPE Executive Director Patti Hamilton, left, with Darcee Albers, right, on Dec. 17 as Albers presented AGAPE with a check for $1,235

On Dec. 18, Minster resident Darcee Albers donated a check to the AGAPE Ministries food pantry in St. Marys for $1,235 that will go towards providing food for those in need this holiday season. 

Funds were raised on the website, with the campaign titled “Filling the Food Pantries!” organized by the Albers family.  

The donation comes on the heels of Darcee’s husband, Byron, surviving respiratory failure due to a massive pulmonary embolism caused by COVID-19 at the end of October that had him briefly hospitalized and out of work until just last week. 

 “One of the doctors said, ‘70 percent of the people die from what you had,’” said Byron, a football coach at Minster, on Dec. 17. “Since then, we know of a couple people that’ve died from (what happened to me). Another person had to get a heart transplant. I talked to somebody just today who said her brother-in-law had the same thing (as me) and is now disabled. Every time I hear any of that, I just feel so blessed. Why not me? Every time you hear one of those stories you’re just so grateful.” 

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