On Jan. 23 from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m., the Community Lanes in Minster will be holding a tournament with Moeller Brew Barn to benefit Mercer Auglaize Van Wert (MAV) Youth Mentoring. 

“I spoke with Nick (Moeller) a month or so ago,” said Doug Davidson, one of the owners of the Community Lanes in a joint video posted to their social media accounts discussing the event in mid December. “We were talking about what we wanted to do, Nick wanted to do a fundraiser for a charity.” 

“I actually got a call from Nick Moeller,” said Kate Imwalle, Executive Director of MAV on how the event came about. “He told me his idea, what he was thinking about doing and asked if we were interested. We said sure and went from there.”

“2020 was kind of a rough year for us and a lot of 501( C )(3) type of businesses that rely on the good will of the community to help fund their organizations,” said Moeller, owner of the Moeller Brew Barn. “We weren’t able to do as much as we wanted to in 2020, at the same time we still got a lot of support from our community. Looking forward to 2021, we want to be able to bring that back, pay it forward, with local charitable orgs that do a lot for our communities."

“We’ve been able to do fundraisers for MAV in the past,” added Moeller. “Partnering with the Community Lanes, it being in Auglaize county, us being in Mercer, we thought that that MAV could be a good organization to kick off the years fundraising, we like their mission." 

To learn more about this event and what made it happen, be sure to pick up the Jan, 19 edition of the Community Post. 

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