Council needed an executive session to discuss pending litigation at its Sept. 1 meeting. Minster Village Administrator Don Harrod had received notification the previous Thursday that the Village had been named in a lawsuit brought by Alabama Energy company Enpower Solar. Enpower Solar was the company originally tabbed by the Village to complete the solar field project addition. On May 5 Evan Bates of Enpower addressed the Council via a Zoom call about allowing his company to continue construction of Minster’s second solar field after the Council had voted to teminate an agreement with Enpower on April 7. Minster Solicitor Jim Hearn noted Enpower had failed to meet a Dec. 31, 2019 deadline for providing financing documentation. Bates disputed the claim his company hadn’t met requirements and asserted Minster was in material breach if Minster canceled the contract. Enpower’s response to the canceled contract is a $10 million lawsuit.

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