Village of Minster

On Dec. 1, the Minster Village Council voted to declare an emergency to address a deteriorating eight-inch sanitary sewer line that runs under the east side of State Route 66 to the west side at the intersection with East 7th street, with crews planned to start work on Dec. 7. 

 “There’ll be about an 8-10-foot-wide strip that’s cut out,” said Village Administrator Don Harrod. “It goes down East 7thstreet. It will be all the way across, from the manhole on the east side to the manhole on the west side.” 

Traffic will be delayed by this operation, but not completely closed.

“State Route 66, we’re planning on keeping traffic going,” said Harrod. “It’ll go down to 1 lane, so there will be some delays. You may have to wait for traffic to clear but they’ll keep traffic (going) on 66. You won’t be able to go from 66 turning to the west on East 7th street, that will be shut down. “ 

Harrod added that the project should be completed by Friday, Dec. 11.

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