MINSTER — Village councilors passed a motion on Tuesday night to grant various easements to Dayton Power and Light for construction of a transmission line.

“They want to improve our reliability,” said Village Administrator Don Harrod. 

There are two electrical feeds that run into town, one from Covington and one from the Amsterdam substation in New Bremen. 

“Both of those lines run parallel along one set of poles there out in front of our utilities building on Ohio Street,” said Harrod. “If one or two of those poles go down, we're going to lose both feeds, which means the whole town is going to be out for X amount of time before they can get the power back on.”

Harrod said DP&L would like to reroute one of those circuits off of those poles so that there is only one set of wires on that set of poles and the feed would come in from another direction.

There would be four steel poles set. One would be set at the north side of Seventh Street near the entrance of Four Seasons Park. 

Read the full story in the Dec. 21 edition of The Community Post.

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