The Minster village council held its bi-monthly meeting on Dec. 1, hearing from residents on an item under Ordinances and Resolutions. 

The first of three readings of Ordinance 20-12-03 happened at the meeting, which means the ordinance can’t be passed until the first meeting in January, and is another step towards developing the property at the northeast corner of East 7th street and State Route 66. 

Ordinance 20-12-03 was a recommendation from the planning commission to have the village classify 3.119 acres of property along State Route 66 be zoned General Commercial (C-2) and the remainder of that property, 15.332 acres, be zoned as Single and Double Family Residential (R-1) 

Soon after introducing the recommendation, Mayor Dennis Kitzmiller opened up comments to the public.

To read the rest of this story, read the Dec. 8 edition of the Community Post. 

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