Oktoberfest starts off with a bang with ceremonies

The flags were raised at the Minster Oktoberfest opening ceremonies on Saturday, with members of the Minster Veterans Firing Squad helping with the festivities.

The 2022 Minster Oktoberfest festivities started officially after opening ceremonies were held Saturday morning, with various speakers presenting.

The gazebo within downtown Minster was a lively place, with many different people coming together in order to officially kick things off for the festival. The ceremonies started with a flag raising ceremony by the Minster Veterans Firing Squad and the national anthem being sung by the Village Quartets.

“Welcome to the 2022 Minster Oktoberfest. Thank you everyone for coming out this weekend,” stated Ava Grieshop, the 2021 Miss Oktoberfest queen near the beginning of the event. “It was an honor

to represent the community of Minster this last year as Miss Oktoberfest.”

The ceremony featured many different people that contributed to the Oktoberfest activities and helped organized everything together. The work done by the committee was done as a group, and it required plenty of changes to how they do things in order to get it organized.

“It’s been an amazing year,” said Sue Brandewie, standing with her co-president of the committee Joyce Schwartz. They received a plaque recognizing their service to the community through this festival. “It’s been a big change, and we need these changes to make this festival the best it could possibly be, because that’s what Minster deserves.”

The 2022 Minster Oktoberfest was scheduled to be a very busy weekend, with plenty of events going on from early Oct. 1 to late the next day. Each of those that spoke were congratulated for their contribution to the festival and what they specifically did for this year.