In first grade, Rosie Westerbeck was admitted to Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH) after being sick for quite a while. That experience led her to creating the Red Wagon Campaign (RWC), which donates red wagons and toys to children’s hospitals, and just completed its 6th annual campaign this year. 

After being rushed into surgery at DCH, she recuperated and was able to go home but not before it made a lasting impact on her. 

“You're getting put into an environment that you're totally unfamiliar with,” said Westerbeck of her hospital stay. “You don't really know what's going on, but the children's hospitals are absolutely amazing and they make the entire environment so kid-friendly and there's donors that get involved in giving toys. In my case, I got a handmade blanket that I still have and it really did comfort me in a time that was so confusing for me.”

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