MINSTER — After a year off due to the pandemic, the Minster Oktoberfest Car Show came back in full force Saturday.

A total of 180 car enthusiasts came out to Community Lanes in Minster with their vehicles.

“I think we have record numbers this year,” car show Chairperson Matt Purpus said. 

He said they had at least 30 more cars this year than participated in 2019.

He did not envy Judges Joe and Dan Brinkman who had the task of awarding the top 25 cars.

Walking through the show cars it was easy to find — and hear — a lot of car stories.

Lyle Sandkuhl of Kossuth brought a pair of Chevrolet Cameos to display — a 1956 and 1958. 

“My dad had a 1958 when he bought it brand new in Spencerville,” Sandkuhl said. “I always wanted one, I drove it when I was a kid.”

Just over 1,400 Cameos were made of each model year.

“They were sort of the city farmer’s truck of the day,” Sandkuhl said.

He was able to acquire a 1956 Cameo first and said the 1958 Cameo was more of a challenge and needed some work.

“It was a real basket case, had to search all over the country to find the parts for it,” Sandkuhl said. “You can get a lot of Chevy parts, but the Cameo parts are what is hard to find. It’s got a fiberglass bedside (truck bed) on it,” Sandkuhl said, adding the bumpers and trim on the car weren’t available for aftermarket parts. He tried to keep the parts all original as newer parts don’t fit the same way. “We put about two years in each one of the trucks,” SandKuhl said.

An older Chevy was on display with a fresh American flag wrap including the Vietnam memorial wall on the back of the car.

Larry Wick, of Wapakoneta had his 1939 Chevy Deluxe for 25 years. 

He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam from 1970-71.

“I told him I just want the flag in a good way on the side of the car and the Vietnam Wall,” Wick said.

He said it took about a week to design the wrap and it was completed within the past month.

He said the patriotic design had been on his mind quite a while, and went back and forth between painting and different designs.

Originally his focus was a hot rod.

“It was original when I first got it, with a three speed on the column and six cylinder in it. I decided just to start street rodding it so I tore it down and took the body off the frame,” Wick said.

Charles Brackman of Wapakoneta displayed a 1971 Ford Torino GT and has owned the car for about 50 years. He remembers ordering it and says he’s always liked it.

While Brackman was busy farming, the car wasn’t on the road for a couple decades, but now that he is retired he takes it to a few car shows a year.

For more coverage from Oktoberfest, check out Tuesday's edition of The Community Post. 

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