New Knoxville sophomore breaks school record

New Knoxville Sophomore Jay Schroeder recently set a new school record in the 300 hurdles.

New Knoxville High School has a new record for the 300 hurdles, and that record belongs to sophomore Jay Schroeder. The previous record was held for 26 years by Andy Fledderjohann, with a time of 41.3 seconds which Schroeder surpassed by achieving a time of 40.68 seconds.

“I’m glad I got it. I was so happy, I was hugging everybody, but wish I could have gotten it sooner,” said Schroeder.

The 300 hurdles is an event that Schroeder said he didn’t expect to excel at.

“I didn’t expect that one to be my better event. 110 was my stronger event, and it flip-flopped last year,” said Schroeder. Schroeder said he plays baseball as well, and that last year he focused on that sport, but this year, track is where he set his focus.

“This year my primary sport is track and baseball is secondary. Since I’ve been able to practice more, and be there every day, it just kind of came natural and I’ve gotten faster,” said Schroeder.

This season mark’s Schroeder’s third year being involved in track, only having started in the eighth grade. He said that he went to conditioning for another sport, and realized that track was also an option.

“Its something I could do and tried out hurdles, and got good at it and got better. Thats kind of what happened,” explained Schroeder. He said that when he started, he wouldn’t have seen himself where he is today. “My eighth grade self would not have

seen me here. I expected to do one year and be done.”

Schroeder said he knew he was good at hurdles when he started to win at junior high meets.

“Winning and finishing well ahead of everybody else, I was like ‘wow, I’m kind of good at this I guess,’” said Schroeder. He said that comparing his times to others in the area, also let him know how he was doing.

“Seeing what kids my age or older were running. I excelled a bit better than somebody else, and was higher up in the rankings,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder said that sports have given his life some direction as well.

“If I didn’t have sports, I don’t know what I’d be doing with my life. It takes so much time in my life, I don’t know what else I’d be doing,” said Schroeder. He said that his closest friends are also teammates as well. “Through sports, I’ve built a better bond with each and every one of them. It brings you closer together.”

As as a sophomore, Schroeder has two more years left to continue to improve on the record he set, and he intends to do so.

“I’m taking it slow, little by little. Every meet I’m gong to lower that number until MAC and Districts,” said Schroeder. He said that he wants to make it out of Districts, then Regionals. “One step at a time. I’d like to see a future after high school with track. Little by little too.”

He said that he is trying to be realistic with his goals, but that those goals are still there.

“The goal is to win State Championship at 300. Still plenty of time, I’m not first, but I’m up there in the rankings,” said Schroeder before continuing. “I would like to bring home the State Championship. First male individual State Championship in Track and Field for the school.”